Sunday, January 21, 2007

SyncMyCal version 1.3 released

Some of our users have been facing problems in syncing in certain use cases that we were not able to produce during our testing. However, since these users were kind enough to help us reproduce these problems, we have been able to remove these bugs from our product.

Version 1.3 fixes the following problems:

  • Problem related to duplication and deletion of recurring events (reported in some rare cases when an instance of the recurrence does not lie in the synchronization window) has been fixed.
  • Fixed the parsing exception encountered by some users in the GMT time zone.
Aside from these two, we did fix a few other minor issues. SyncMyCal is becoming more and more stable with every release and we will be adding new features as we go along (we have had some nice feature requests).



Victor said...

Good deal, thanks for getting this fixed, can't wait to try this out..

Anonymous said...

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