Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SyncMyCal releases a new version (1.1)


we released a new version beginning of this week. It has the following features:

  • "Publish Free/Busy Information"
  • "StartIndex Error" being faced by some users has been fixed
  • Improved User friendly Exception handling with Error Mail feature. This will allow you to mail to us the error that you are getting, and its details from within the tool itself.
  • Support Center navigation provided from the tool.
We are currently working on another quick release to address some more issues that users are facing intermittently, so keep on the lookout.



James said...


I just thought i'd let you know I have updated my "5 things Google should give us for Christmas" post to provide a link to syncmycal. It works great for me.

Thanks for you work on this one :)

- James

SyncMyCal said...


we are glad that you like the tool. We are currently working on multiple feature enhancements and stability improvements.

We plan to have frequent quick releases, so be on the lookout.