Monday, July 30, 2007

SyncMyCal 30Boxes edition released

Hi Guys

We are glad to announce the release of the eagerly awaited SyncMyCal 30Boxes edition which would allow you to synchronize your Outlook and 30Boxes™ calendars. The key features of SyncMyCal 30Boxes are:

• Two-way calendar synchronization - from Outlook® calendar to 30 Boxes™ calendar and from 30 Boxes™ calendar to Outlook® calendar
• Selective event synchronization through date range selection
• Flexibility of publishing or not publishing private event information in Outlook® calendar to 30 Boxes™ calendar
• Multiple Outlook® calendars can be connected to single 30 Boxes™ calendar
• Support for Time zone differences in calendars through automatic schedule adjustment
• Option for publishing either FREE/BUSY tag or complete information about calendar events
• Auto update feature
• Auto Sync feature
• Continue on error feature

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to grab your copy and learn more about SyncMyCal 30Boxes.

Coming soon!

Although the first release of SyncMyCal 30Boxes works only with Outlook 2003 Professional edition, but we are working and very soon, would be releasing Outlook XP, Outlook 2003 basic edition and Outlook 2007 compatible versions of SyncMyCal 30Boxes. 64 bit OS compliant versions of SyncMyCal 30Boxes are also in the works.

As always, we eagerly await your feedback on SyncMyCal 30Boxes and yes, we are expecting more feature requests for all our products from you.

Cheers and Happy Sync’ing
SyncMyCal Support Team


Philip said...

I'll be keen to try out the Outlook 2007 version...

Brandon Erik Bertelsen said...

Amazing, great work!