Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SyncMyCal 2.0: Now supports Category based synchronization

We are glad to announce the release of SyncMyCal 2.0, which now has the much awaited Category based synchronization feature. With this, SyncMyCal users can now actually choose to synchronize events based on their categories in Outlook. This means, you can now choose to selectively synchronize your events between Outlook and Google calendars, based on Date range as well as on Category of events.

For all the users who have been waiting patiently, we thank you for your patience. Grab your copy now from

and do let us know your feedback on it.



Pierre said...

Thanks for the update supporting categories.

Honestly, this was not the way I saw it earlier.

Actually I thought it would allow the following:

I have one Outlook calendar and 3 Google calendars (A, B and C).

I would dream for example to be able to set the category A on one item in outlook and whenever I sync it, it would go to my calendar A.

In the other direction, any item from my google calendar A would end up with the category A in Outlook.

I'm curious to see if I was the only one thinking this way.

Thanks for your great product anyhow.


pjtclark said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Pierre. Although this is a step in the right direction, until the category-based synchronization works with "Synchronize (Outlook precedence)" and "Synchronize (Google precedence)", it won't be of much use to me.

John said...

I agree with both comments here. I should be able to sync a calendar to a category, and vice-versa. I should also be able to use the synchronize feature with it.

Anonymous said...

sync multiple google cals to my i-mate jam with win mob 2003 will this work - email

thanks thanks thanks

Lukewarm said...

@pierre and @john,

I think it is a good start in the right direction by Syncmycal team. I have followed your scenerio.

I was thinking of one scenerio which is difficult to decide upon.

Suppose you have an event X with category A in Outlook which you Synched up with a Google Calendar specially created for Category A. Now, if you change the category of this event in Outlook and sync again, what should happen ?

(a) Event created in Google in the first sync should get deleted from Google.
(b) Nothing happens to the google event

I feel that right now you are considering category only on one side. I think in the near future Google Calendar may come up with Category Feature as well and then your one category calendar (right now) may be used for multiple categories.

I think the decision is not simple enough and thats why there is no Sync and onloy Upload and Download.

What do you think ?

taka said...

Thank you for new version.

But, synchronization by category runs in "Download" or "Upload" mode only, not in "Synchronization" mode.

I hope future version supports sync by category in "Sync" mode.

Chris H said...

This sucks - The trial version only syncs before and after 3 days of the calendar. You can't test it properly like that.

Lukewarm said...


I think we can finalize on what exactly we require in Sync and then we can send a feedback to Syncmycal telling them what we require. Read all the comments carefully starting from first one from pierre.


Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to use one Outlook Calendar and:

1. Synchronise all my private/family events, marked with the "Family" Outlook category to a google calendar called family.

2. Synchronise ALL my work events whatever the category apart from "family" to a Google "work" calendar.

This means I need a synchronise by category option of "everything except (this/these) categories". In other words select by exclusion. This is because I am using a GTD plug-in to Outlook called Jello, which uses non-master list categories for lots of things like lists of projects, which change all the time. In this case it simply isn't practical to set up a synchronise by category list excluding only the family category, because there are a lot of categories, which change all the time, and many of them are not in master list anyway. Is this possible?

Lukewarm said...


I think you need to send an e-mail to as well so that the Deadliest Syncmycal people can keep a count on what people actually require.

I think if a lot more chunk of people require this enhancement then they can put this in the future releases.

Also, a good thing to know is that a Syncmycal has just released a new version 2.1 in which one can also set the Color labels for Appointments so that you can keep a track of which appointments you imported from which calendar.


Matt said...

I completely agree with the comments given before:

The limitation of outlook is that you can't have multiple calendars which overlay each other. The only workaround is to use categories (with automatic coloring) to simulate this.

1) I'm not really sure what the use of having category filters only on upload and download is.

2) Lukewarm gave some problems with ambiguous situations, well they need to be configuration choices (e.g. outlook/google precedence is an example of the sort of explicit choices which need to be made already to resolve ambiguity)

Bottom line is that there is a killer app out there which is why so many people want to sync outlook with gcal anyway :- I have work email/schedule and I have personal email/schedule. One is with work and the other is primarily with google. I need to be able to overlay the schedules and be able to share the relevant ones with work and family.

I need to have category filter and synchronise.

I'll be uninstalling the demo until this arrives - or someone else gets there first ;-)

Anonymous said...

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