Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SyncMyCal 1.5 RELEASED

We are very happy to announce the release of SyncMyCal ver 1.5. This is out best version yet. Here are some of the key changes/features:

  • "Get My Google Calendars" - you no longer need to copy paste your Google Calendar Url from the GCal web page. You simply enter your username and password, and SyncMyCal will automatically get all your Google Calendars for you to choose from.
  • Auto Sync feature - a lot of users requested for this one. Now you can setup a schedule for the syncing, and the tool will automatically sync.
  • Latest Google API - Updated the Google API; this should improve stability.
  • Proxy Server Support - Now it works behind proxy servers. Should have thought of that before, I guess. But better late then never.
  • Enhanced Error Logging - we have made changes which will allow us to provide better support in the remote event that something goes boink in your SyncMyCal.
More to come.. as we go crazy with this tool.

SyncMyCal: Best Outlook Google Calendar Sync Tool


SKP said...

I would like to sync ALL my calender information irrecpective of DATEs for the first time. Is this possible???

calsyn said...

Proxy Authentication seems to be failing for me...

TwisterMc said...

I get errors on syncing.
Message: Execution of authentication request failed.
Source: Google.GData.Client
InterException: The remove server returned a 403 Forbidden.
Google Server Error: Error=BadAuthentication.

I assume I have to re-setup all my calendars in SyncMyCal?

Josh said...

I've been looking to sync my Google calendars and you guys are by far the most advanced team I've found so far.

My problem:
I've recently upgraded to Office 2007 and now SyncMyCal isn't compatible with it.
Any idea on how to get around that or when your program will be updated (again)

I'm aware that outlook 2007 can use url's to view internet-based calendars but it's not a two way sync and therefore useless.

SyncMyCal said...

OK, to answer all:
SKP: You can achieve this by giving a large range in your sync settings, however as such there is no initialization feature (however, it is a good thought and we have noticed it :) )

CALSYN: Hmmm... i think you need to raise an issue at someone will definitely help you zero in on the problem.

TWISTERMC: yeah, if you have not already, try to do that. Some errors are originating from the Google Calendar API and just go away by retrying.

JOSH: Hang on for a day more... we are releasing the 2007 version tomorrow..


Biotip said...

Can you give us an exactly day that new version of syncmycal supported office 2007 will release. Thanks

Jason said...

Can't wait for the Outlook 2007 release. This product sounds great, and I can't see any reason why I wouldn't pay for the pro version if it works as well as it seems to.

TwisterMc said...

The 2007 version is on the website, but I haven't tested it.

What I'd really LOVE to see done now is easier updates. I hate having to un-install to update SyncMyCal. Seems backwards.

Anonymous said...

Where do you see the 2007 version?
Am i blind?!

Anonymous said...

ok it just got uploaded!
I see it!
I must have been the first person to download it.

calsyn said...

I am still experiencing proxy authentication failure issues. I tried both ver 5.42 and 5.44, it hasnt been resolved yet. Yes, I have raised a trouble ticket a few days ago and waiting for a response. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm using the latest version with Outlook 2003 in "download" mode only (Google is my "real" calendar, I just use Outlook for printing)
But since upgrading it is downloading events even if the event has already been downloaded into outlook. It used to be more sensible than this - only adding new events.

Tomas said...

I have the same problem. Outlook 2003 (11.8118.8122, Danish) and SMC 1.6.58.

Every time I press 'Syncronize', every event in evenry calendar is duplicated.

Is the solution forthcomming?

When this issue has been adressed, we'll buy the pro version right away, until ´then, it's no use to us.

Anonymous said...

Does it work with Outlook 2000?

Redzo said...

I'm getting an error message when I'm trying to retrieve my Google Calendar at the "Add Synchronization Step" configuration window:

Following error occured while fetching Calendar list :
Execution of authentication request returned unexpected content type.

I'm using the Lite version 2.4.242 for outlook2003 professional

Syncmycal said...

Hi Redzo,

Kindly raise your issue at Syncmycal support center ( and we will try our best to resolve your issue ASAP.

Syncmycal Team