Friday, December 29, 2006

SyncMyCal inviting ideas now


if you have a feature that you would like to see in SyncMyCal, here is the place to post it. Please add it in comments and we will see if we can put them in.


Tim said...

Hey, Nice tool. Really a good utility. But still feel it should have a Configuration for Synchronizing automatically, so that I just don't go again and again and click on the button to actually synchronize. Should have something where i just configure like my tool should sync after say 12 hours and thats it!
Hope to see this feature soon :)!!

SyncMyCal said...


Luckily enough we are working on this feature currently. You should see it soon.

tim said...

Am keen for the Release of your New Version with this feature. Also, is there some time frame by which you have decided to release your PDA and Palm support!!

SyncMyCal said...


For the Auto-Sync, I believe we will be releasing it within this month.

For the palm, although there is no internal deadline yet, work on this has already begun.

I suggest that you keep playing with the version that is available now and then keep checking for updates.

Also... spread the word :D.